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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sorry you're leaving

hello friends.
hope you are all well and enjoying the September sun. 

Today's card is a commission card I made back in May - I used a bugaboo digi image but altered the words underneath - to fit in with the lady recipient.

It is a 8" square card so the image was made larger to keep in proportion.
I coloured her with copics and added the corners using Whimsy corner die set  - I also added some glossy accents to her glass and a bit of glitter to the bubbles.

The sentiment was added using a font called Fabulous 50's just slightly spaced out to make it more readable.

Here is another close up of the image.

Thanks again for dropping by today to say hello and leave a comment. You have no idea how much it means to me to read your lovely comments.

hugs to you all until tomorrow and Friday's card.
Rosie xxx

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Happy Birthday (choccy love)

hello friends
sorry its been a while - just haven't felt like making cards at all. but onwards and upwards. Lucky wouldn't want me being sad forever - and she loved to "help" me craft.  Thanks to those of you who left kind messages on my previous post of her passing. 

So - today's card is a card from a while ago - I have a few to share with you all.
This is a requested card for a choccy lover - I love this image. He is one of the Newton Bear images that I have on a CD - I printed him out and because I felt the image stood on its own I added some glossy accents to the heart.

The wording is done direct onto the card base using a font called Bambino - I simply added some brown card to look like chocolate as a matting layer and hey presto - a card. LOL

 This is a close up of the image and you can see the glossy accents on the heart above his head.

Hope you like today's card - I will be back tomorrow with another card to share with you all.

love always
Rosie xxx

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


My cat Lucky 2001 - 2014

I am sad to share with you today that my little cat Lucky passed away on Saturday morning.
She was a stray cat we took in about 14 years and she was "top dog" in the house. She was spoilt rotten - and although she was about 16 altogether she still was tiny and about the size of a 1 year old cat.

She was extremely loving and affectionate and loved nothing better that cuddling up to you on your left shoulder and chest so that her chin was on your shoulder and her body could feel your heart beat.

 She wasn't alone when she passed away both my husband and I sat up all night with her she was never left alone not even for a moment.

She was a little princes who will be greatly missed.

R.I.P. Lucky - gone but never ever forgotten xxx

Friday, 18 July 2014

Paper Crafts U Print - Maddie and her Ladybug

Hello Friends - Happy Friday - wow what a week. what is going on with the weather? One minute its blazing hot sunshine then its thunder and lightning.
Still - its "summer" so you can get all 4 seasons in one day can't you.

Anyway enough waffle - today's card is a ready to print image and paper from the fabulous Paper Crafts U Print - an amazing website full of great ideas and images for ready to print cards.

I chose this image cos I think she is so cute and I love ladybirds.

I printed the sentiment of the card direct onto the card base itself and then printed the image out on separate card - as a larger card was requested.

I printed some extra sections of the paper and used them to make a butterfly.

I added diamantes to the body of the butterfly for sparkle.

Hope you like today's card. See you again very soon!

Rosie xxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lambrini Girl - One Lambrini, Two Lambrini, Three Lambrini - floor!!

hello friends
today's card is a specially requested card for a lady who loves Lambrini (other wines are available! LOL) - the image is Rudy Tidbits from Bugaboo Stamps - all I did was change their version with the tequila slogan.

I coloured her with copics and matted her onto some lilac card. The sentiment was printed directly onto the base card using a font called Fabulous 50's - all I did was just space it out slightly.

I added some glossy accent to her glasses and some glitter to her glass.

Here is a close up of the image. I chose purple for a change as I'm normally asked to do this in red. I liked the purple card.

thanks for dropping by hopefully today  and I appreciate any comment you may wish to leave.

hugs to you all
Rosie xxx


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Beer Monster Birthday card

hello everyone
thanks for your recent comments. I much appreciate you bearing with me.

Today's card was another commission card this time for someone who is a total beer monster.
So I coloured this image with my copics and I added some glitter to the beer to make the froth a bit sparkly.

I think the image is from Pollycraft digi images - beer monster! I liked the orange and green so used green and orange card to matt and layer up the main image.

Wording was done direct onto the card base using a font called Janda Quirkygirl - which I thought was rather funky!!

 Here is a close up of the image.

 I added some glossy accents to his his to make them stand out a bit more!

hope you like today's card - I am trying to keep to my promise and not let you down again!
drop by tomorrow for another card.

hugs to you all
Rosie xxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Happy 70th Birthday sister

hello - hopefully you are still following me - 
I have a new card to share with you and today its a commission card for a 70th birthday.

I have used the fabulous Hunkydory kit that was a freebie in one the craft magazines a few month back. all I can say is wow - what amazing quality they produce. 

I used one of the background papers that was free in the kit and printed the sentiment directly onto it - I think matted up the decoupage section of flowers.
I cut the border edging from the paper and matted this onto irridescent mirri card for sparkle.

I didn't add anything else as I felt it stood out enough as it was.

this is a close up of the decoupage section.

thanks for hopefully dropping by today. I will be back tomorrow with another card.

love you all
Rosie xxx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Happy Retirement

hello - Finally a card.

This is a retirement card - a request for a long blonde haired lady who loves horses!!
thanks to Aloha on docrafts for the image. I adjusted it slightly to make her hair longer using a graphics programme. 

I was asked to make it plain and simple so I printed the details on the base card itself and matted the image onto some silver mirri card.

Dot always thinks of others before herself and her friends call her the "womble" as she loves picking up litter to make park areas clean and tidy. Its people like Dot who make the world a better place I think!!

I know she loved the card - which always makes me feel better.

Here is a close up of the image.

Thanks for hopefully stopping by today - I will be back tomorrow with another card.

hugs to you all
Rosie xxx

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hello - long time no blog (don't blame me lol)

well what can I say - apart from Sorry yet again.
I think this is becoming a habit - me apologising but this time it was someone elses fault!!
to cut short a very long boring story - our internet went off at work - we were with BeBox and they were bought by Sky - who connected us up and things were going smoothly till BT decided the work line number we have wasn't suitable for us and we were given a different work number for a week!!?? Don't ask!!  BT decided we could just ring all our clients to tell them to use another number for a week or so till we got our old number back.
So no internet and then no phone. Ooh and to cap it all off Sky then decided they didn't deal with business internet anymore - regardless of the fact we've been with them for a couple of months now.
So we couldn't get BT to get the internet to us quick enough - so we went to Plusnet who kept emailing us - bearing in mind we HAD NO INTERNET - to tell us the box was delayed. then of all miracles - the Sky internet box decided to turn itself back on again!!
So for now I'm on Sky internet - for how long - this is the mystery - so I will be posting as often as is humanly possible till they decide they don't want us and our business again.  MMMMMMM...... very very odd goings on. 

so humble apologies yet again from me and I truly hope this is the last time I have to apologise for my absence to you all.


Friday, 2 May 2014

Blyth Spartans birthday card

hello friends and hopefully still some followers.
crikey I cannot get how long its been since I last posted a card. I have been busy making cards but ones with personal photos on so I am not too sure if they would be appropriate on here as they are personal to the recipients.
Anyway _ I'm waffling on - LOL
Hopefully you are all okay and busy beavering away with all your craftiness.

Today I have a card for you which was a personal request for a Blyth Spartans birthday card. The man in question is a huge fan. Its our local home town team so I did a similar card to the NUFC ones I make.


 The team colours are white and green stripes and black shorts. So I used green and black card to matt the badge logo - I added dark green stripes to the side of the card also.

This is a close up of the image.

The pic is a bit dark but there is a green layer under the black one!

thanks for dropping by today if you did.
pop back again tomorrow for another card.
until then
Rosie xxx

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Army birthday card /Band of brothers

hello friends.
hope you are all keeping well.

Today's card is the last one for the family with 3 birthdays all on the same day. 
I hope you like this card in particular as its one specially drawn by my husband Davey.
The recipient is in the army and I chose this image cos I thought it was stunning. but I am biased LOL

The sentiment was printed directly on the base card using a camouflage style font to match in with the theme.

I kept it in black and white as I felt this was more striking.

Here is a close up of the drawing.

I matted it onto black card stock and then silver mirri card. Here is another close up without the black and silver card. And slightly lightened up.

I do hope you like this card. I hope the card was well liked.

Well it must have been an amazing time in the family with a 60th and 40th and a 21st birthday all on the same day. What a party time they had.

hope to see you all again very soon with another card.
Until then - take care
Rosie xxx

Friday, 4 April 2014

Happy 60th Birthday dear Brother

hello friends
hope you are all keeping well. wow its Friday again. where has the week gone to?
don't know about you but these weeks are flying past.

Here is today's card. This was another commission card for the same lady who requested the NUFC card yesterday. 
This was for the brother who was 60 on the same day as the nephew card yesterday.
this gentleman liked gardening and vegetables so I thought this FF image was perfect for him.

Again the details were printed direct onto the card base itself using a font called Marita text. I think its similar to the actual Forever Friends font.

I slightly decoupaged the basket, his arms  and his hat and added some glossy accents to the carrots.

I do hope he liked it. I haven't heard back yet but I hope they all liked their cards. Must have been an amazing day in that family.

hope to see you all again tomorrow. 
hugs to you 
Rosie xxx

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Newcastle United birthday card (21st birthday)

hello friends.

today's card is a commission card requested for a big Newcastle United fan. Not only is it the 21st birthday of the grandson, but also the brother and the nephew. All on the same day - that would be an amazing party!! I have made all 3 cards but I am showing this card today.

I have used the NUFC badge itself as the main image and using the PC created black and white stripes down the side of the card.

The wording is direct from the PC using a font called Bernhard Modern. I personalised it as requested.

Hope you like today's card - come back tomorrow to see what I did for the other family member's cards.

hugs to you all
Rosie xxx

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

baby girl card

hello everyone.
wow - what a foggy day. its so weird outside. don't know about where you are but here in Northumberland its very hazy.

Here is today's card. This is a special personalised card for a new baby girl. 

This is an 8" square card. I have printed the background out onto Rymans smooth card and added the sentiment at the same time. I used the Forever Friends triple CD to make the background and using a font called Papyrus added the details in a pink font to match.

The border was printed out again from the CD and matted onto pink card. I added some glitter to the bears shoes for sparkle and added little gingham buttons for effect in the corners.

Thanks for dropping by again today. tomorrow i have another card to show you so please drop by again.

hugs to you all for your support.
Rosie xxx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Happy 12th Birthday

hello friends.
wow its Friday again - hope you all have a fab weekend planned. don't forget not only is it Mother's Day but also the clocks go forward.

Here is today's card. this is another requested card for a 12 year old girl. I was only told she liked purple, white and hated pink and fairies.

So I used this image from the Hobby House. Its from the Wee Stamps range called Hopeful.  Its a pre-coloured image and all I have done is changed the colour of her trousers. 

The card is an 8" square card. I printed the sentiment on the background paper and stuck this to the front of the card. I matted the image of the girl onto 2 different shades of lilac card. 

The background middle section of paper has been punched to make a decorative border. I used punches for the leaves and flowers, and butterfly. 

I added some glitter and diamantes to the flowers in her hair and on her side and some glossy accent on the lamp.

The sentiment date was made on the PC but stupid me took the pic before I realised the year section was WRONG. So luckily while going over the card I changed it but forgot to take a new pic. So I do know its wrong just incase you all think I've gone waffy!!

thanks for dropping by again.
hugs to you all.
Rosie xxx

Friday, 21 March 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma

hello friends
thanks for sticking with me - I appreciate your feedback so very much.
As promised here it today's card.
this time  I used a Hunkydory Card Kit that recently came free with a magazine.

I used the background paper with the kit - scanned it and printed directly onto the card base along with the sentiment - printed using a font called Passions conflict.

I used the topper and matted one onto some holographic mirri card for extra sparkle and to lift it so it didn't look as flat.
I added some organza ribbon from my stash and mounted all of it onto another of the card toppers.

I added some glitter and some small diamantes for sparkle.

thanks for dropping by again today to say  hello
I will visit everyone who visits me and leaves a comment.

hugs to you all. have a fab Friday night.
Rosie xxx

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happy 6th Birthday

hello friends. once again its long time no see. I never realised before how much I needed and used my PC for my cards. 
I have been without a PC for about 2 weeks or so now and its been killing me!!
so apologies to all of you if you have once again wondered where I have gone.
I have been de-fragged, de-antivirused, de-scanned and basically had to have a whole new PC - so its onwards and upwards and hopefully lots of cards to do really quick as I have loads of orders to do to hopefully keep you all interested.

So here is a card I managed to make before my PC went the journey to the big PC graveyard somewhere in cyber space. LOL - 

This is a card for a 6 year old. I wasn't told what she liked at all so I used a Clip Art Fairy digi image as I thought she might like the image. Its called Gift of a Flower as is available as a download here.
I like these images - not only are they fab images, but also brilliant for quick cards.

I added some glamour dust and some glossy accents to the flowers and hearts.

I then matted it onto some orange cardstock to keep the colour theme going.
The word was done direct onto the card base direct from the PC.

thanks for bearing with me yet again and now I'm back with the PC I will have another card for your tomorrow.

hugs to you all
Rosie xxx

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Because you're so special.

Hello friends and followers 
Hope you are all well and enjoying hopefully the start of Spring.
today's card I hope you will like - Its a pre-coloured image from the Wee Stamps range - I matted her onto lilac card stock.
The background paper is a digital download and I used some more lilac card to make a small border with a pattern cut using a border punch. I added some organza ribbon too.
The sentiment is a freebie from the fabulous Annette - she has a wide range of freebie sentiments. Not to mention her stunning cards too. 
I added some glamour dust to the edge of the sentiment.

The flowers are from an xcut punch and the leaves I found amongst my stash which is pretty good considering I don't know where they came from! Craft fairies perhaps? LOL

 I also added some glamour dust to the edges of her wings and a pearl to the flowers in her hair.

 Here is a close up of the ribbon and the border section.  In the corner I stuck diamantes for extra sparkle.

thanks again for dropping by today. I hope to have another card to share with you very soon.
hugs to you all until next time
Rosie xxx

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Happy Birthday

hello everyone
As promised I have a new card to show you today. I do hope you like it.
The request was for a card with an owl and nature theme. 
I found this fab image and thought it suited the theme perfectly.
I matted the image onto green and then black card stock.

I added some glossy accent to the owl's eye for shine and dimension.
the wording was done direct onto the card base using a font called passions conflict.

I think I matched the card stock very well with the image. I do know the lady loved it.

thanks for dropping by today. I am off now to leave comments and pop onto your blogs to see what fab creations you have all been making.

love to you all
Rosie xxx

Saturday, 22 February 2014

To you from me

hello friends and fellow crafters.
wow!! what can I say - yet again you never cease to amaze me with your kinds words of encouragement and wisdom regarding my card making. You have absolutely no idea what your replies have meant to me. I feel humbled and teary by them all.
I promise to try and post a new card at least every other day if not more.
thanks again to you all.

anyway - wow another card. crikey 2 cards in 2 days - am getting a bit away with myself! LOL
Here I have used a digi image called Lenny from Stamp Fairy - am pretty sure that's what he's called. 
Again he is coloured with copics. I matted him onto pink card stock.

I found this funky backing paper and loved the zingy colours (is zingy a word?) - anyway I matted the paper onto more pink card stock and then onto a 6" square white card.

The wording I printed from the PC using Americana and English Presto. I found some pink organza ribbon and some matching pink gems. 

Here's a close of my colouring in - don't laugh!! I covered the flower and his nose in glossy accents - doesn't show up very well here. And added a clear diamante to the flower centre.

thanks once again for dropping by today - hope you like today's card. 
hugs once again to you all and please leave a comment and I will visit your blog and leave comments on your fab cards and crafty items.

lots of love
Rosie xxx

Friday, 21 February 2014

Long time no blogging!!

hello friends and fellow bloggers and crafters.
Well - I didn't actually realise how long its been since I actually posted anything on here. Bad bad Rosie.
I cannot apologise enough if you have been popping on to see if anything new was here. I just got lost in my own world to the point where I wasn't actually sure if I wanted to carry on card making anymore. 
No doubt some of you maybe have felt like this at one time or another. I just sat there looking at all my stash and images and just thought "whats the point?" - I think its partly to do with lack of confidence (this isn't me fishing for compliments at all) and feeling like everyone's cards are better than mine. And also to do with people kind of complaining about the cost of my cards.  I mean is £2 for a personalised card too much? What do you think? I seriously would like to know.

Anyway - I have made a few cards. I am trying slowly to re-build up my confidence and went back to what I felt more comfortable doing.

So this first card is to all of you - my fellow followers, crafters, and bloggers. 

This is a 6" scalloped edged card. I printed the image which I think is a "Furry Friends" image which I found on a freebie CD and coloured him with my copics. 

 Don't you just love him - he is so cute. I love his cheeky grin.

I added some pink colour to his bouquet of flowers and some glamour dust too for some sparkle. we all just love a bit of sparkle don't we!!
I matted him onto pink cardstock and then onto the base card. the wording is done direct from the PC using a font called Alex Brush.

So here finally is a card - please leave a comment - good or bad or any advice or words of wisdom. 

Hugs to you all as always
hope to see you back again very soon.

Rosie xxx