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Tuesday, 5 August 2014


My cat Lucky 2001 - 2014

I am sad to share with you today that my little cat Lucky passed away on Saturday morning.
She was a stray cat we took in about 14 years and she was "top dog" in the house. She was spoilt rotten - and although she was about 16 altogether she still was tiny and about the size of a 1 year old cat.

She was extremely loving and affectionate and loved nothing better that cuddling up to you on your left shoulder and chest so that her chin was on your shoulder and her body could feel your heart beat.

 She wasn't alone when she passed away both my husband and I sat up all night with her she was never left alone not even for a moment.

She was a little princes who will be greatly missed.

R.I.P. Lucky - gone but never ever forgotten xxx


  1. Good afternoon Rosie,
    Thank you for your visit.
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am not a pet owner, my Son, DIL & the boys have dogs.
    When one of theirs died they were all heart broken. They really are "part of the family"
    Sending you some (((((hugs))))) in hope that they might help.
    Thinking of you

    Patricia xx

  2. Hi Rosie, Just hopped over from my blog as you left me a lovely comment....
    So sorry to hear about Lucky....I have two boys and soon a sweet little ginger cat coming over from spain...which i found on a dump over there..Bobtail....he had his tail and ears cut off....

    Your darling little girl was named so right she was soo Lucky to be with you and your family....she will stay in your hearts forever...sending you and your family hugs from me and purrs from my boys....Joolsx

  3. So sad to hear about Lucky. May she live happily ever after in kitty heaven xxx
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  4. I'm sorry to read your sad news Rosie, it's so heartbreaking when you loose a loving pet, especially when they have been part of the family for so long.
    Thinking of you.

  5. So sorry to hear about Lucky.
    Sending Hugs.

  6. Aww! Rosie, I'm so sorry to hear about Lucky. Sending you big hugs.

    Donna x

  7. I am so sorry that you lost Lucky. Animals can be such precious companions.
    Sending you hugs, Heike xx

  8. So sorry to read your sad news Rosie, adorable photos and she obviously had a really wonderful and happy life! RIP Lucky!Donna ♥ x

  9. Hi Rosie,
    So sad about Lucky :-{
    I've come home from holiday and found a pm you sent me on DC but I ca't access it. Don't know how else to contact you. Hugs Alison59

    1. hello Alison - sorry to reply late - just haven't felt like doing any blogging or crafting at all.
      hope you are well - thanks for your kind words x

  10. Ah rosie this is such sad news. Lucky was such a beautiful cat and I am sure she will be sorely missed. You must have lots of happy memories of her - cherish them. X

  11. Hi Rosie

    I am so behind catching up with blogland that I have only just seen your post and the sad news it holds.

    Lucky was clearly very special.

    Take care.

    Love Jules xx