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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hello - long time no blog (don't blame me lol)

well what can I say - apart from Sorry yet again.
I think this is becoming a habit - me apologising but this time it was someone elses fault!!
to cut short a very long boring story - our internet went off at work - we were with BeBox and they were bought by Sky - who connected us up and things were going smoothly till BT decided the work line number we have wasn't suitable for us and we were given a different work number for a week!!?? Don't ask!!  BT decided we could just ring all our clients to tell them to use another number for a week or so till we got our old number back.
So no internet and then no phone. Ooh and to cap it all off Sky then decided they didn't deal with business internet anymore - regardless of the fact we've been with them for a couple of months now.
So we couldn't get BT to get the internet to us quick enough - so we went to Plusnet who kept emailing us - bearing in mind we HAD NO INTERNET - to tell us the box was delayed. then of all miracles - the Sky internet box decided to turn itself back on again!!
So for now I'm on Sky internet - for how long - this is the mystery - so I will be posting as often as is humanly possible till they decide they don't want us and our business again.  MMMMMMM...... very very odd goings on. 

so humble apologies yet again from me and I truly hope this is the last time I have to apologise for my absence to you all.