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Friday, 21 February 2014

Long time no blogging!!

hello friends and fellow bloggers and crafters.
Well - I didn't actually realise how long its been since I actually posted anything on here. Bad bad Rosie.
I cannot apologise enough if you have been popping on to see if anything new was here. I just got lost in my own world to the point where I wasn't actually sure if I wanted to carry on card making anymore. 
No doubt some of you maybe have felt like this at one time or another. I just sat there looking at all my stash and images and just thought "whats the point?" - I think its partly to do with lack of confidence (this isn't me fishing for compliments at all) and feeling like everyone's cards are better than mine. And also to do with people kind of complaining about the cost of my cards.  I mean is £2 for a personalised card too much? What do you think? I seriously would like to know.

Anyway - I have made a few cards. I am trying slowly to re-build up my confidence and went back to what I felt more comfortable doing.

So this first card is to all of you - my fellow followers, crafters, and bloggers. 

This is a 6" scalloped edged card. I printed the image which I think is a "Furry Friends" image which I found on a freebie CD and coloured him with my copics. 

 Don't you just love him - he is so cute. I love his cheeky grin.

I added some pink colour to his bouquet of flowers and some glamour dust too for some sparkle. we all just love a bit of sparkle don't we!!
I matted him onto pink cardstock and then onto the base card. the wording is done direct from the PC using a font called Alex Brush.

So here finally is a card - please leave a comment - good or bad or any advice or words of wisdom. 

Hugs to you all as always
hope to see you back again very soon.

Rosie xxx


  1. What a sweet card, Rosie! Love the adorable Teddy Bear image along with the touches of pink and the scallop card base!

  2. Hi Rosie nice to see you back!!! I think people assume because its a home made card its not as professional as a bought one! they don't realise how much work and time goes into it. But I'm very much like you I lose my mojo all the time and I think my cards are rubbish LOL then I get told off by my crafty friends. It's whatever is in your heart Rosie and carry on because you make lovely cards!!!! and fab to see you bloggin again lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Rosie, glad you are back..well I think you cards are gorgeous, well worth what you are asking, to me not enough, think we all underestimate are cards for selling..
    hugs pam

  4. Rosie!!! I am so happy to hear from you...and to see a new blog post! I think your card is absolutely fabulous! I would really like to encourage you to continue with your card-making! Don't give anyone else's comments or opinions a second thought! Create only to make yourself happy...there's a wonderful joy in that! None of us will every make things to everyone's liking...but we do it for the fun of doing it! As for selling cards...I've not done any of that but I do know that most sell them for much more money. I think your price is great! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see more soon! :o)

  5. Hi Rosie, it's lovely to see you back, I've only just started blogging again myself. Your card is beautiful and well worth what you are asking for it. I love that cute picture and that lovely font. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. Tinaxx

  6. Oooh, this is sooooo cute! I love the adorable image. Fab work! Hugs! xx

  7. Wow Rosie, what an adorable design and colors.

    Hugs Diane

  8. Hi Rosie, great to see you back hun. Love your very cute card.

    Donna x

  9. Hi Rosie, loving your card, a really pretty image and I adore all the glitter and gems and everything. When I sell my cards I charge from £3.50 upwards. Strangely enough my customers seem to think they are worth more if I charge more... if you see what I mean.

  10. Hi Rosie,good to see you posting again. Your cards are lovely and £2 is cheap. Unfortunately peeps who are non crafters don't realise the effort that goes into handmade cards. I stopped selling mine and just make them for family and friends and for my own pleasure now x

  11. Hi Rosie, I know exactly how you feel and, yes, I've felt like quitting card making myself.
    Sometimes I think 'why do I bother'. If you're like me, you'll realise it's just a blip though and get back to just enjoying your crafting.
    I don't sell any cards, but £2 to me sounds like a bargain for your makes. I would rather pay that ( and probably a little more) to get something hand crafted anyday.
    Your card is so cute and is guaranteed to put a smile on someone's fcae. xxx

  12. Beautiful card and colouring.

  13. Your card is lovely Rosie, and it's great to see you blogging again... You're not charging enough really, but non-crafters don't always understand - I charge £2 for my really CAS ones, £3.50 or more for anything more detailed. Hugs, Lisa x

  14. Hi Rosie, it's good to see you.
    I think your card is fabulous, such an adorable image and your colouring is beautiful.
    I don't think people are prepared to pay for anything today - I didn't bother selling any cards last year because I found myself making cards that I thought would sell, rather than making cards that I actually wanted to make.
    At the end of the day we need to enjoy our hobby so make what you like and feel comfortable with and you confidence will soon return.

  15. First of all your card is fab Rosie, I love your design and colouring! I really struggle with the whole charging for card thing too. I don't think £2.00 is too much for a handmade card - think off all the effort that goes into it!!! Also, think how much you'd have to pay for something similar and mass produced from a shop. Unfortunately, so many people think 'handmade' means 'virtually free'. I often sell my cards to raise money for Cancer Reasearch and am constantly amazed now little people want to pay for a card created to raise money for charity. As a result I just tend to make cards for friends and relatives, with the odd commission here and there so that I still enjoy my hobby.
    Sorry if this turned into a soap box rant hun, but its something I feel strongly about... so I fell your pain! LOL.
    Keep crafting sweets, hope you have a fun weekend, Jo x

  16. This is absolutely delightful and the little gem stones is a nice finishing touch.
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    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  17. hi rosie ... love your little card ... yes I know what you mean about "how much " I think the main problem is if you don't actually have an outlet to sell your cards ... I used to sell mine at work but since I have retired I have lost that outlet ... I mainly make for family and friends and for my "stash box" ... eg ... when my hairdresser pops round to trim my hair and says "oh have you got a card for so and so" lol anyway I would not be without my hobby for one second ... I love it ... thank you so much for visiting my blog ... have a great weekend ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  18. Hi Rosie this is a beautiful card! I think your cards are priced perfectly. People who don't make cards have no idea how long they take to make! I find if I have lost my mojo just make a card for fun, not for an order or challenge etc. Just chose some of your favorite stash and play!
    Hope that helps! Hugs Lynsey x

  19. Hi sweetie, your creation is just stunning, big hugs love Pops x x x

  20. Hello Rosie. It's really lovely to see you back!
    Your card is gorgeous, such a sweet image and beautiful colouring.
    I think you price is very good, especially for something personalised and as gorgeous as you always make.
    Take care
    hugs Sue xx

  21. Now come on girl! £2. Is peanuts for a card that's been made with LOve...
    Believe it or not, when I first started making cards and putting them out here in Blogland, it was the talking to myself that was the most trouble lol..Not the making of the card! Make only what makes YOU happy! We all have 'self doubt', then someone says something lovely and it gives us a lift.
    So I'm saying 'something lovely' about your card...
    It's GORgeous! Such a sweetie of an image...FABulous colours and I LOve your design.
    Carry On!

  22. Such a pretty card Rosie, beautiful CAS Design and such a cute bear :) Donna ♥ x