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I created this blog (albeit basic!) to have a reference for all the cards I have done.
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


so many apologies to make now!!

firstly I would like to thank those who have joined my blog, including myself!! LOL Don't ask I don't know what I did. but hey ho another follower is me

secondly apologies as I lost my blog. don't ask me as I don't know where it went, then I couldn't remember the address and to cap it all I can't remember how to post writing and don't get me started on the pictures.
I told you I was hopeless. LOL

I am hoping by the time I finish writing this the lovely Margaret who is a fellow crafter on Docrafts
( will be able to help me out!!

I am so ashamed of myself. fancy not knowing where my own blog went and then to follow it!!

oh the shame!! LOL

wish me luck


  1. I hope my help has worked, you can always ask me any questions and I will do my best to help you Margaret

  2. Lol you do make me LARF Rosie.

    Kerry x