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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Latest cards made

What a bad blogger i am!! Not only do I lose half my images, then i forget to post them when I did find them.
Tut Tut
This first one is a commission card for a barrister called Paula. I did a feminine front but on the inside is a huge verse written in the style of law terms. Sadly I didn't take a pic of it so will have to find it again to let you see!!

ah ha I have found the law type verse which was included on the inside of this. what do you think of it?

"By this conveyance, the petitioner seeks the furtherance
of the state of general amity that has preceded the issuance
of this instrument with the intent thereby of avoiding
the diminution of said relationship;
notwithstanding the aforementioned, it shall be
specifically understood that the party of the first part
(herein referred to as the sender) desires to fulfill,
to the best of sender's abilities, special duties to the party
of the second part (hereinafter referred to as sendee)
as reflected in the content and implicit sentiments
in this instrument (hereinafter referred to as cardee);
that such duties include, but are not limited to,
rendering of specific aid and comfort as appropriate
on the occasion of the natal day of the party of the
second part; said natal day commonly being
accompanied by stress, angst and general ennui,
and said parties, feelings and internal humours
being further aggravated  by the adding of yet another
vertical, paraffin-enclosed,  wick-activated
incendiary device surmounting the generally-accepted
sucrose-based bakery confection; by means
of this instrument  and other communications,
the party of the first part seeks to extend
the appropriate sympathies in a test that the
interpersonal feelings that have
marked the relationship hereunto preceding are
to be rendered even more vigorously."

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  1. Beautiful card and beautiful blog to which I'm now a follower, hope you are well Rosie xx