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Friday, 2 March 2012

ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE - Happy 20th Birthday

Well flippin heck - another posting!! LOL. I think I am coming over all organised for some strange reason. Might be the weather tee hee
Anyway this is a rather strange request - well perhaps I should let my followers be the judge of that.
This is a requested card for a girl called Bethany - she is a tattoo client of ours and knows my daughter. Her Mam requested this card and here is the strange bit. She hates cards!!!!???
No, not the Mam - Bethany!
Her Mam had some Christmas cards made and Beth commented on how she loved my cards and how pretty they all looked but she couldn't see the point in me making them as in her opinion all cards are a waste of time???
Now I wasn't sure I heard her correctly so I asked her to repeat what she had said - she said exactly the same thing. She hated cards and didn't see the point in giving cards out or receiving them as all you did with them was "put them up and then chuck them away!"
Now....not sure if its me but I find that rather odd?? Do you not??
Yes okay so we all like different things - if we didn't the world would be a very boring place. But why did her Mam ask me to make a card for her if she hates them? 
I reckon it will end up in the bin in any case. So her Mam said just make it plain and simple but I had to put Bethany on as it will make Beth even more cross apparently.
Now is someone taking the pee out of me here or not?
Anyway this is the image I chose as Beth likes cats and dogs. I picked this one as I thought it was cute but I haven't add any embellishments or flowers as yet as I'm not sure whether or not to. 
I know we can't dictate what happens to our cards when they are received but I am not sure if I want to put on my flowers and gems and glamour dust etc if its just going to be chucked away.
So here it is plain and simple for now as I would like your opinions first.

Should I add some flowers or gems or something else to it? Do you think its wasting my time and crafty goodies?

this is a close up of the cat - the image is a LOTV image which again was a freebie in Papercraft Inspirations magazine.
Coloured with copics. Added glossy accents to the flowers and the paper was a download from Pink Petticoat with the wording done directly onto the paper from the PC using Americana font.

thanks for looking and in this posting I would dearly love some comments as to whether or not I am wasting my time here or not.

hugs always
see you all soon
Rosie xxx


  1. Hi Rosie, this is an absolutely beautiful card, I love this little Thomas kitten he's so cute and you've coloured him beautifully. Hugs Teresa xx

  2. Hi Rosie, your card is gorgeous I forgot to say over on do-crafts that my one brother is exactly the same. About 3 years ago on christmas day he gave me his christmas card back as he said he would just recycle it and yes you've guest it I have given him the same card back every year and I don't even think he has noticed. When it starts to get a little dog eared I may make him another. lol


  3. Hi Rosie, It is beautiful as it is, and I wouldn't add any more to it, the image is gorgeous.
    Kevin xx

  4. P.S. I'm sure she will love it and maybe treasure it hopefully. xx

  5. I wouldn't add anything else as its perfect the way it is :)

  6. It looks perfect just as it is :)

  7. It's gorgeous just the way it is Rosie, love how you've coloured that cute cat :o) Lisa x

  8. it's beautiful card as it is rosie,how can she not love it sue xx

  9. I think this is fine just as it is. You have made a lovely job of least we all appreciate your work.

  10. It`s beautiful as it is. Chris xx

  11. Leave it as it is - people are all different, but I hope she changes her mind about cards as they are an expression of how we feel about people!

  12. It's lovely as it is Rosie. Tinaxx