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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Thank You!!

Just wanted to say a quick Thank You for the comments you have left me. Makes it all worthwhile.
I'm feeling rather down in the dumps and wondering why I am feeling so insecure about my cards. I know we all make different types of cards but where I feel like everyone else is moving forward with their cards , I feel like I am stuck.
I have been blog hopping and debating whether or not to carry on card making but the comments have made my day!!
so thanks to you all x


  1. aw bless you hun.we all have different card styles.thats what makes all us unique.keep on crafting and i look forward to seeing your next creation :D

    xx coops xx

  2. Rosie I feel just the same.. but I can show you one you sent to me 2 years ago which bears no resemblence to how much you have moved on---- I cringe when I think back at ones I sent.. thinking they were good!!!!.... even now I always feel mine are no-where near other folks
    Keep going, otherwise you would not get orders in they where rubbish lol... folks BUY them !!!
    Tilly x

  3. Oh hun, sorry you've been feeling down about things... it really would be boring if everyone's styles were the same. You might find that a different style inspires you more though, so it's worth having a go at different things, see if that stirs up your mojo a bit. Hope you're feeling happier soon. Lisa x