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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!

Well I gave in and had my birthday after all!!
Mind you considering my birthday is normally a really rubbish day - today hasn't been as bad as normal.
Although Justin (my hubby's business partner) gave me one of my own birthday cards AGAIN, from the box on my desk, and he did fill it out in front of me which was a bit of a giveaway. Men eh!! LOL

Thanks to all of you who have left birthday wishes for me on DC and those who have sent cards too.
I spent the day making a card for someone else and then stupid me forgot to take a photo of it.
Could that be my age now? considering I am now a year older?
Although I do like my friend Laura's Nana's theory - you go back 7 years - which would now make me 36.
So yes Happy 36th Birthday to me. LOL

hugs to you all!
Rosie x


  1. happy birthday rosie,seems we are the same age now if i do the maths that
    enjoy your special day and i hope you charged him for that card :)

  2. Yeah Happy Birthday Rosie. Its mine on the 17th....32 coming...boohoo! I hope you had a great day. Lee x

  3. Happy Birthday Rosie, and yes I hope he payed for the card !!

  4. I hope you had a really happy birthday even though you were at work!
    wow, looking good for 36!!! hehehehe
    Tilly x

  5. belated happy birhday hun :D

    xx coops xx